Day 9, The Smoldering of The Fates

After implying pretty directly on Monday that Important Thoughts Would Come Soon! (meaning the following day, aka yesterday), I was pretty much double dog daring The Universe, The Fates, Dr Doom, or whomever you prefer to blame to intercede and render my half-baked schemes asunder by spinning things all pear-shaped. And since insert your symbolic all-powerful omniscience here is apparently not one to need a triple daring, that’s exactly what happened.

The temperatures in this part of the world have been stretching up to the higher parts of the thermometer this week, so, of course, within two hours of me posting Monday, our AC was making a buzz loud enough to be heard from the Sea of Tranquility (and, yes, I know that’s on the moon, through the soundless vaccuum of space). In addition to the buzzing came a stubborn refusal to spin the magic fan blades that make the angry hot air all cool and wonderful again.

And so we all slept fitfully in house that was 80+ degrees of stiffling misery Monday might. It was good times. Nothing like a cold morning shower you appreciate.

Luckily, our heating and cooling guy (anyone need a rec? Hit me up) was able to get someone out to the house pretty see damn quickly. A couple hours and *mumble-cough* dollars later, the reticent fan blades were rotating once again.

By 11 o’clock last night, the temperature in the house was finally down to a reasonable 75 degrees, as seen above. That was great news for those of us wanting to get a decent night’s sleep, but alas the whole thing had taken a heavy toll on my originally planned goal for Day 9.

Still, we got the broken thing fixed, and not a moment too soon. I’m calling that a goal achieved either way.

Oh, and I wore a brand new pair of socks yesterday too. So not everything was on fire.

Yeah, so, maybe it wasn’t quite the day I had wanted, but we can totally pretend now that it was the day I needed.