Socks for Social Distancing, Day 5

Today, it’s finally argyle. Why argyle, you ask? Argyle don’t need no reason, man.

Now, that said, and yes, I firmly believe it, I will concede that I did have something of a reason. They actually managed to make me feel at least somewhat professional, especially given the rest of my “working from homewear” ensemble.

Not pictured: plaid sleep pants and a fading superhero tee

I’ll promise you I wasn’t wearing yoga pants—because I’ll never be wearing yoga pants—but that’s about the only promise I’m making anymore with regards to my daily dress code while we surf the waves of interminable separation. I will, however, try really hard tomorrow to be a little bit more business up top and party with the socks.

Until then, good luck, and try to stay safe and sane. And, uh, if you manage that, maybe let the rest of us know how?


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