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NaNoWriMo Whoozy Whatzit Now?

No, you don’t have to say Gesundheit.  NaNoWriMo (typically pronounced “nan-o-ri-mo”, or by occasionally “nan-o-ree-mo”) is kind of an abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month.  Although, really, I though abbreviations are supposed to be, you know, short.  But whatever, I’m not going to nit pick. So, what is this National Novel Writing Month thing?  Well, […]

A movie in 100 words or less (3x)

This is not going to come as big news to regular readers, but I like movies.  I even used to like to go to the theater to see movies—and still do, for the popcorn if nothing else—but you know, $10 a ticket and concession prices inflated a thousand percent makes the risk of dropping serious […]