Absolutely nothing of value here

I decided that I’m taking the night off from writing anything interesting. I’m looking at the business end of a three-hour drive to a customer tomorrow, followed by a three-hour drive back. Oh, and I’m not allowed to leave until all of said customer’s issue are resolved to their satisfaction.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t really like having customers much. Sure, they pay the bills, but they get in the way of accomplishing new things by expecting that the things you’ve previously done should work as advertised. They’re very unreasonable like that. They’re a lot like a liver to the human body; you really need them, the best ones are rarely heard from, and when things start to go wrong for them, boy, do you hear about it.

On a more interesting note, since I’ll be alone with my thoughts for upwards of six hours tomorrow (or potentially more), you can expect that I’ll probably have no shortage of strange things to ramble about tomorrow and over the weekend. As an added bonus, I’ll have plenty of time to think about the outline I’ve been working for a novel I’m think I might be able to shake out of our lonesome friend. I’m already mostly finished with it; I just have a few things left to work out in my head. Granted, a completed outline doesn’t mean I’ll ever actually finish the story, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

On that topic, though, I have bad news. I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop posting portions of his story publicly here very soon. I’m going to try and finish up his current situation and then continue working on it in quietly in the dark. If you’re really interested in following along, and I like you, I might be persuaded to keep you up to date as I move forward. But you’ll have to let me know that you want to be kept in the loop. Rumor has it I am likely to accept Arrogant Bastard as a bribe.

One more random note for the night: I’m beginning to appreciate warm, spring days, and it scares me. Three years ago, I would have told you that there was nothing wrong with winter, that I liked January gray skies, and that they’d throw me out of the Computer Scientist’s Guild if I got any sun. Today I much enjoyed an al fresco lunch with my work peeps, and when we returned to the office, I frequently found myself gazing out the window, mind wandering freely, wistfully contemplating the things I might do out there. I’m not sure where the real “me” is nowadays; I’m back to considering alien abduction.


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