Being an opportunist

I didn’t originally have anything planned to post today, beyond the “Hey, look, my website didn’t die” post.  But then a couple of funny things happened.  Tom and Carla, from Hoperatives, are out of town for a few days and asked if those of use who contribute regularly could perhaps think of something to post in their absence.

Well, hey, guess, what, with the start of Cincinnati Beer Week being today, I came up with just the right beer-related topic for me, a family guy with responsibilities trying to figure out how to make the most of Beer Week.  Writing up a list of tips, or well, a parody of tips, really, was a whole lot of fun, and actually made me giggle a bit.  Swing by site and check it out.

After that, I figured, wow, I’ve had a full day!  But then I got an email from Nick Hurm, the kind soul behind Paul Daugherty’s blog on, The Morning Line.  Doc’s on a bit of a sabbatical from TML to work on a book, but nominated an impressive list of stand-ins to keep the fire going while he’s away.  Well, I didn’t volunteer to post this time around, thinking I’d give someone else a shot.  But then later I figured, why not offer to spot-start in case one of the regularly scheduled subs falls through.

Which is exactly what happened this morning.

So that’s why I spent my lunch furiously crafting this post as a guest on Daughtery’s blog at

Now, without a doubt, that’s enough bloggery for one day.  I need to quit while I’m ahead, especially with this guest posting.  If this stuff keeps up, someone’s going to accuse me of being a blog whore.

Which, I suppose, wouldn’t necessarily be untrue.

So, tell me, is your blog lookin’ for a date?