My, that WAS quick

Hey, look! It’s back already!  Hold up, there, cowpoke, you say, did Puddintopia ever actually go anywhere?  And what’s with the title of this post, other than giving loyal readers an excuse to make “That’s what she said” jokes?

As it turns out, I was expecting some down time over the course of today.  In my previous post, the Big Boy Pants in question actually referred to real web hosting.  The time had come to move my little blog from the horridly slow, unreliable, 1994 Pentium III server in my house to a real host, with real redundancy and the expectation of being up (almost) all the time.

In other words, my three year-old can no longer bring Puddintopia to a screeching halt because he likes to press the button with the blinky green light.

As an added bonus, everything should load about a million times faster now.  No more waiting 3 days to see today’s post.

Not everything’s perfect, yet, though.  My email isn’t working right and there are some tiny little tweaks to make to the design. Still, all the old posts have been brought along and it turns out the site was never really even down.  So, win-win!

So, tell me, do you like the new theme?

Go ahead, take a good look at my new Big Boy Pants and let me know what you think.


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