Winter’s over. Hoping to breathe this spring? Um, yeah, about that…

Just in case you didn’t noticed, yesterday was still winter…and a bone-chilling 80-ish degrees.  With the hypothermia threatening, we were forced to do what most people do in winter, we slept with the windows open.  Uncomfortably, mind you, as I kept waking up from dreams that I was working in a steel smeltering works.pollen

current_tempThankfully, spring arrived today.  I was hoping it would bring a break for us humans from this ridiculous business, but apparently Spring was not about to be beaten by the Old Man Winter headed out the door.  So, did we get a little moderation?  No, sir and/or madam! Instead, we got to keep our 80+ degree March temperature and as an added bonus, the Pollen of DOOM!

Seriously, I just took the dog for a walk and I’m pretty sure I could taste the tree pollen in the air.

So.  Um, yay for spring, I guess.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash the pollen out of my daughter’s eyes before she start to look like she went 12 rounds with George Foreman, before the grill.