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A haiku because it’s still too damn hot

Back, neck, nethers? Damp.Sultry, pudding-thick, dead air Come, fall, come; this sucks!

Heat Management Haiku

Weekend. So. Damned. Hot. Cool, clear swimming pool beckons And then, ice cream follows.

Defying the heat in one delicious step

I guess it’s pretty much common knowledge that the better part of the continental U. S. of A. is experiencing heat of epic proportions, right?  I mean, like, apocalyptic, Hell-hath-manifested-on-Earth, hard-as-rock-buffet-style-egg scramblin’ on the sidewalk, too-hot-even-stand-outside hot? Hyperbole?  Who, me?  Naaaaaaah. Ok, so maybe it’s not that bad, but it’s still pretty damned warm out […]

Winter’s over. Hoping to breathe this spring? Um, yeah, about that…

Just in case you didn’t noticed, yesterday was still winter…and a bone-chilling 80-ish degrees.  With the hypothermia threatening, we were forced to do what most people do in winter, we slept with the windows open.  Uncomfortably, mind you, as I kept waking up from dreams that I was working in a steel smeltering works. Thankfully, […]