Summer movies in 100 words or less (3x)

I was planning a pointed-yet-topical post today to give voice to an issue that we all give too little thought to these days (and no, that subject is not “Is flame-broiling really a bunch of marketing BS or what?)  But I spent all day at a customer site and then 3 hours at a little league game.  I’m tired, there’s a Bastard in the fridge waiting for me, and I’ve got a shiny DVD wrapped in a red envelope sitting beside my TV.

So, I think maybe I’ll spare everyone (myself included) the heavy issues tonight. 

Don’t worry, though, we can talk “sprinkles” vs “jimmies” later.

Speaking of DVDs, this weekend is the last weekend in April, which means that next weekend will be the first weekend in May.  And everyone knows what May means, right?

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s Summer Movie season!

What’s that?  Yeah, I know summer doesn’t technically start until June.  Shush, you.

The question on everyone’s mind at list point, obviously, is, “What will Puddin see this summer?”

Well, let’s assume for a moment that I’m not actually a cheap, agoraphobe more likely to draw cave paintings with my own ick on the cavern walls of my sprawling modern hermitage than visit a cinema.  Yes, indeed, it is possible that I’ll pay real, US-minted currency to see one, or more, of the fancy summertime flicks coming out this year.  In fact, based on the season’s release list, I’d definitely put my money on the “or more” there.

Rome was not burned in a day, though.  So let’s be kind of reasonable and limit the number of flicks seen in person to three.

What three summer films will I catch this year?

Well, that’s surprisingly easy to answer:

The AvengersIf, for even a second, you entertained the possibility that I’d miss a movie with a whole barrel of kick-ass Marvel superheroes  doing, you know, kick-ass superhero stuff, well, you obviously made the mistake of assuming I grew up somewhere along the way.  Allow me to assure you that I did no such thing.  Look, I’d pay money to see this, salivating at the potential nerdgasm, under any circumstances.  Even if they let Michael Bay make it and blow up Megan Fox again for no good reason.  But, no, they got Joss Whedon, King of the Nerds to make this movie right.  Oh, momma, I. Am. In.

The Dark Knight Rises – I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I didn’t see Batman Begins in the theater.  That was back in the early phases of Puddin’s stops-paying-through-the-nose-for-movies, and somehow missed it.  And I’ve been ashamed ever since.  I certainly did not miss The Dark Knight, and consider this chronicle’s rendition of Batman the best ever.  I mean, dark, brooding, crazy but maybe only just enough crazy?  It’s everything I ever hoped for in a Batman while growing up suffering with Adam West.  Honestly, I almost don’t want July to come because I’m going to be sad at the end of Nolan’s Batman production run.

Prometheus – Um.  Aliens prequel, kinda, sorta?  Yes, please.  You know what, never mind that.  Watch the trailer below; it says everything.  Oh, and also? It’s got Charlize Theron. We covered this, right?  Yeah.  And even better than watching her do tax-related paperwork is seeing her in a sci-fi film.

That, then, is my summer time movie dance card.  What about yours?  What are you planning to see? Do tell!


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