Saturday Debate: The NFL Draft

draft_mock_logo In case your arm has been trapped beneath a rock for the past 48 or so hours and this is the first thing you’ve read after sawing yourself free with a pocket knife (because, duh, who doesn’t check Puddintopia first thing after a little DIY amputation), The NFL Draft got underway Thursday night with all the pomp, ceremony, and melodrama you’d expect from picking unproven athletes to play a professional sport.

By the time of this posting, I think we should (approximately) be though the 872nd round or something.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some NFL football.  But seriously, making a three-day show out of this is like putting money into producing TLC’s next big reality show, “Last Kid Standing: Playground Picks”

Anyway, since we’re knee-deep in the annual display of hyperbole, guesswork, and hype, I figured it would be a great subject for this week’s Saturday Debate.  Therefore…

The NFL Draft: Awesome entertainment or yet another sign of our culture in decline?

You know we want opinions to be like…wait, I never really got that analogy.  Anyway, feel free to take this week’s poll and maybe even leave an inflammatory comment or two.

Let’s get this debate kicked-off in style!


PS: My apologies for the terrifying hand-made logo used above.  But the League of Football in this Nation is, um, particular about it’s copyrighted materials being used without consent.  Also, the Puddinette considers it extremely bad form to risk a Cease and Desist letter just for giggles.