Saturday Debate: So, what about the Kentucky Derby?

Derby day is upon us, a celebration of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s fine tradition of breeding beautiful race horses. I think there’s a joke about fast women in there too, but obviously I’m much too high class for that sort of thing.

I can hear you snickering, you know. I’m right here.

Anyway, as with most people, thinking about the Run for the Roses for me usually begins and ends with, “wow, are they kidding with those hats?” Then I start with the bourbon.

Actually, the Derby really makes me think of my grandfather, a horse man if ever there was one.  He was first and foremost a tool-and-dye maker, but manufacturing back in The Day was surprisingly a lot like manufacturing today.  When there was work, sometimes there was more work you could do, and when there wasn’t, well, the workers were usually the first ones to hit the street.  When you’re livelihood can be a little fickle, figuring out how to make a few bucks here and there on the ponies is probably not a bad idea.

With that said, every year before the race I’d call to get his pick, and almost every year he called it right.  And he always made sure each of us got a Derby glass for the year.

So for me, yes, the Derby does actually mean something, even if I don’t get too carried away with the race, the parties, or the monstrous, floppy hats.

I’m betting not everyone feels the same, though.

For this week’s Saturday Debate, then, I give you:

The Kentucky Derby: “Grand Old Tradition” or “It’s just old and needs to be shot”

Now, go forth and tell us what you think!

PS: Given the region I live in, I expect plenty of pro-responses here. But I’d hate for anyone to fear a mob-mentally here. So if you find the whole thing foolish, don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

One thought on “Saturday Debate: So, what about the Kentucky Derby?

  1. Actually, I can’t tell you who won the Derby this year (being immersed in Kyler’s First Communion party at the time,) but I do know that I listened to My Old Kentucky Home and it brought a tear to my eye and lots of good thoughts of your Grandfather, and of course it being in the middle of Kyler’s party also made me sad that he is not here so that he could enjoy his great -grandchildren. Also, of course, he would have a choice in the “winner”s circle” and also a few opinions in regard to your love of craft beer, being the 100% German beer drinker that he was! And I have to add here, “miss you Daddy.”. No matter how old an adult you get to be, that thought is always there!


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