Want a beer? I hope you got that second mortgage…

What do you do when you find yourself in possession of a 160 year-old unopened bottle of beer?  You could crack it open and take a few sips, maybe share it with the neighbors.  I mean, it’s probably not a “gateway” beer or anything that’s going to get them into craft beer, but maybe they like they’re beer malty and flat.  Maybe not.  I suppose then, when faced with possession of a very rare bottle of beer, you do what every other reasonable person does who can’t book an appearance on Antiques Roadshow:  You go directly to eBay and try to find a sucker buyer with either more money than sense or a deep-seeded love of old things that have been to the Arctic Circle.

At least that’s what one guy did.  Yes, someone is attempting to auction a 160 year-old bottle of beer on eBay.  What’s my point?  Only that I was compelled to write about it for Hoperatives today.  Go read the post — you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder how to get the previous 4 minutes of your life back!