Saturday Debate: The Hawaiian Shirt

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which used to be a time for hoping that it was not rainy and warm enough that the annual parades and grill-outs shirtwouldn’t be ruined.  But since it’s 90 degrees today, humid, and sunny in this neck of the woods, apparently we don’t have to worry about such things anymore.  The good thing, though, in Old Man Winter doing a pretty shameful job this year of providing any actual, you know, winter, is that it ends up with the last weekend in May feeling like the dog days of August.

Sure, we all know we’ll pay for it later.  Like, come actual August.  For today, though, it made for positively awesome pool-going.  Which is exactly what the family and I did since the Swim Club we belong to went to all the trouble to open up and everything.

Which brings me to today’s Saturday Debate.  Against the Puddinette’s wishes, I broke out the Hawaiian shirt this morning for the trip to the pool.

And trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen me strutting the fineness that is Puddin in a loud, floral shirt.

What about you, though, where do you fall on the issue?  Yep, here it is, today’s Saturday Debate…

Hawaiian Shirts: Yay or Nay?

As always, I’m happy to provide you with a matching poll as well:

Oh, and hey, do you have some awesome cabana-wear? We all need to see it, so send me a picture, stat!


One thought on “Saturday Debate: The Hawaiian Shirt

  1. Aloha Shirts, commonly called Hawaiian Shirts, originated in Hawaii back in 30’s. They represent the beach manner however are getting progressively common as everyday casual wear everywhere the world, and no doubt its look gooooood 🙂


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