Open mindedness means not being a snob, too

Recently, I got to thinking a little bit about what it means to really be open-minded. 

Woah, woah, woah.  Take a breath.  If that statement made you clench up like a 5  year-old staring down the business end of a booster syringe, please relax.  I’m not about to go all deep, profound, or philosphical on you.   I think we all know that while I could be talking about heavy here, the odds are pretty unlikely.

Let’s face, it: I’m more likely to wax poetic about flexibility when it comes to watermelon bubble gum than I am, you know, an actual issue.

Anyway, what I’m referencing here is beer (duh).  I like to consider myself open-minded about most things, but not too long ago I realized I’ve been clinging to a few craft-brew opinions that might not be considered fair and balanced.  Luckily, I was due to write a post for Hoperatives, where, not coincidentally, I frequently ramble on about beer-related things.  So that’s what I did. 

Maybe give it a read?


One thought on “Open mindedness means not being a snob, too

  1. As long as you can laugh and be critical of yourself, everything is fair game. Closed mindedness is falsely thinking you are in a position of strength…none of us really live there LOL


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