Saturday Debate: The To-Do List

As is probably apparent, I’m running pretty behind the usual Saturday Debate posting schedule today.  Actually, considering it’s currently 8 PM and I usually post around 2, I supposed “pretty behind” is kind of an understatement.

It might also be commentary on someone’s derrière, but that’s neither here nor there.

So, this is the first time today I’ve had a chance to sit down and bang out the Saturday Debate.  The rest of my time seems to have been spent doing, um, stuff.  You know, errands and whatnot.  The kind of stuff you never plan to make a day out of, but somehow manage to lose the entire thing anyway.

The Puddinette looks more fondly on these types of things, but it means there was a to-do list involved, and in all likelihood, items were checked.  As we’ve discussed in the past, she very much likes checking things Off The List.

I, on the other hand, pretty much live with the sloth as my spirit animal.  I could do without the to-do list wholly and completely.  Seriously, I never met a set of tasks that needed doing that took precedence over Saturday nap.

Lucky, I guess, the Puddinette, after years of dogged rehabilitation, has finally managed to break me of my inherent lethargy.  While I still don’t get a case of the warm, fuzzies from crossing stuff of a notepad, at least I don’t ignore things that need doing anymore.  Which is to say, I no longer wallow in my own filth, playing the world’s lamest game of chicken to see whether my home might fall apart before I was compelled to do anything about it.

Yay, me.

Which brings me to today’s debate:

The To-Do List: Shiny, Necessary, and Good, or the basis of all Evil in the World?

I look forward to your to-do related thoughts.

And no, I didn’t forget, here’s your poll!

Now, I’m off to relax and ignore as many responsibilities as possible.  Wish me luck!