Look! I went someplace where they had beer!

Unless you’re basically brand new to Puddintopia (and my web traffic statistics would not indicate a major swell of new readers anytime in the last…well, ahem, never mind), you’ve probably seen this logo once or twice, in a post telling you about a different post, someplace else.  Specifically, for Hoperatives.com.  You know, like this one, or even that one

Well, I’ve been harboring a dark secret about all those Hoperatives’ posts.  See, ever since I started contributing there, I’ve been skipping out on the quintessential beer blogger’s role:  the beer-drinking traveler.  You know because I don’t often really go anywhere.

That doesn’t change the fact that just about everyone likes to learn about awesome beer-drinking places far and wide.  It gives you someplace to fantasize about visiting someday while you’re trapped in your 4×4 grey cubicle trying not to go blind on spreadsheets.  I mean, it’s better than spending that time envisioning stapling your eyes shut so you’d have a good excuse to leave.  It’s the same reason we listen to people who give us the crazy envy-rage by talking about how awesome their vacation to Utopia Beach was last week.  But I digress.

Anyway, everybody loves this beer travel blogging thing is so much, in fact, that we’ve got a regular feature on Tuesdays for it at Hoperatives, conveniently titled “Traveling Tuesday”.  Really, though, I suppose I shouldn’t say “we”.  See, that’s my dark, shameful secret: of all my Hoperative-contributing brothers and sisters, I, alone, (I think) have never written a Traveling Tuesday post.

Oh, the shame!  It burns!  It burns with the pain of that time that your aunt, while babysitting, poured a glass of vodka on that 4-inch tree branch-gouge in your calf, told you to wrap it in newspaper, and went back to watching “Fantasy Island”.

At least, it used to burn, um, like that.  The point is, I am glad to say that the days of hiding my face in the massive, dark cowl of a oddly conspicuous wool medieval cloak at the mention of beer-blogger travel is finally at an end!  While the Puddinette and I traveled the Southeast two weeks ago with the family, I made a conscious effort to collect material for future Hoperatives’ Traveling Tuesday posts.  And today, the first of them was posted.

So, go forth, read about our adventures at the Asheville Brewing Company and rejoice with me as I finally shrug off the scarlet ‘L’ emblazoned upon my chest (for ‘Lame’, duh).  Oh, and anyway, you totally should read about that brewpub.  It’s a cool place.  Plus, there are pictures!  And you can learn about my new favorite t-shirt.

Indeed, there was much rejoicing!

And some pretty good beers too.