Reliving the past through bloggery

I didn’t realize it at the time, but perhaps the best thing about our family summer vacation this year wasn’t the time spent idling our day away on the the beach or in the hotel pool.

This was a daily occurrence for almost a week. Those were good times.  Good times.

I mean, well, it was, actually.  The idle time was the best, no matter what I tell myself to help soothe the pain of knowing I can’t spend all my free waking hours lounging in the ocean beneath a golden sun.  But with the idea that the truth hurts like having your nose smacked repeatedly with one of those fluorescent yellow softballs while a large horse hoof-stomps you in the privates, you can probably understand why I go about lying to myself, right?  Good.

Anywho…I sat down yesterday to write a blog post for about one of the craft brew-y places we visited when traveling the South.  And in the process of rambling it out, I got to re-live that brief time away from our everyday lives.  As it’s been roughly a month now, a little refresher was just what the Dr. ordered.

So, take a piece of advice from me: next time you go on a trip, take a few notes about something you did  while away – anything, really – and then go back and revisit them later.  No, it won’t be quite as awesome as being there again, but it sure beats thinking about dealing with bedtime on a Monday night.

Oh, and as an added bonus, I got this post about the Liberty Taproom and Grill in Myrtle Beach out of the deal.  Sweet, right?