Movie in a 100 words or less: Man on a Ledge

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I ended up with Man on a Ledge at the house a few weeks ago, and didn’t waste much time popping it into the old Blu-Ray player.  Granted, that wasn’t because I was itching to see it or anything: I’m not sure how it got into my Netflix queue.  Seriously, was it ever even in theaters?  Whatever.  Anway, some nights the DVR list is more barren than the toilet paper aisle of a Cincinnati Kroger’s 12 hours before an expected inch of snow.  This was one of those nights.

Still, I had some time to catch a flick, and for whatever reason, Man on a Ledge was at the house.

So, what did I think?

Man on a Ledge

This was a decent movie. Did it make me want to be a better person, laugh until I couldn’t breathe, rethink my place in the universe, or provide free PEZ dispenser for the underprivileged? No, no, no, and, um, nevermind. Ok, maybe the plot isn’t the most creative thing I’ve ever witnessed on the big screen and the “twists” are about as unexpected as a 6:00 AM Holiday Inn wake-up call. But Sam Worthington* (man, I feel bad about that whole Perseus business) and Elizabeth Banks**, both do a solid job in providing a couple hours of not-so-complicated movie fun.

So, there you go.  If you have a few spare hours and you’re not terribly picky about your movies so long as they entertain you somewhat, I say give it a spin.


*I could maybe see him being Bond someday.  Eventually.  When he’s matured.
**Everybody’s loved her, since Zack and Miri, right?  It’s not just me?

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