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A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: Interstellar

I waited an inordinately long time to see Interstellar, and I’m kind of ashamed of it. This is geek stuff! Spacey! Futurey! Black Holey! Einsteiny! It’s my bread and butter, my mother’s milk. A space movie with breathtaking space, actual characterization, solid dialogue and potentially even science? And from Christopher “Memento/Dark Knight/Inception” Nolan, even! If […]

A Movie In 100, Err, 200 Words Or Less: John Wick

I don’t remember exactly when it was last week when I watched John Wick. It might have been Wednesday night, possibly Thursday, or maybe even during those sacred few hours after Friday ends and before Saturday truly begins, when a middle aged guy can enjoy a pint or two of IPA in a dark room […]

A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow

Believe it or not, I apparently haven’t written one of the tired and tried “A Movie In 100 Words Or Less” posts since way back in March. On March 25, I offered my (wildly complimentary) thoughts on The Lego Movie. But I suppose when I wrote that post voicing concerns about my approach to evaluating […]

A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: The LEGO Movie

Sometimes, when the days of Winter cling to your life like a determined sloth, refusing to mosey off and leave you with even a chilly, damp Spring deep into the latter weeks of March, well, you have to do something to cultivate family togetherness.  That is, you have to do something that doesn’t include the […]

A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: Escape Plan

I will probably never be able to qualify, rationalize, or otherwise explain the particular defect in my thought processing that leads me to make decisions that defy entertainment logic.  For instance, how in the world did I reach the conclusion that I didn’t really want to watch Man of Steel again (even though I seemed […]

Rethinking How I Feel About Movies (In More Than 100 Words)

Depending on your level of dedication to/interest in all things Puddintopia (aka, stalker-like tendencies), you might have noticed something’s been missing from the usual list of topics here lately. Obviously, the subject in question hasn’t been Weather-Related Complaining, as I’ve got a veritable avalanche of bitching and moaning about the cold going back for almost […]

A movie in 100 words or less: Much Ado About Nothing

So, one Thursday night in the not so distant past (specifically, 11 days ago) I was sitting around in a post-jog evening daze, contemplating shoving dark chocolate M & Ms down my throat until I could taste each individual color. I was kind of bored, see, and pretty uncertain what to do with myself. The […]

A movie in 100 words or less: Parker

I was kind of looking forward to Parker. For one thing, who doesn’t love a good heist flick? At least, as long as it’s moderately reasonable with respect to the “the job” in question. By which I mean that no one is attempting to pull a gold-plated car up the side of a skyscraper in […]

A movie in 100 words or less: Zero Dark Thirty

I don’t know why I waited nearly two whole weeks after the Blu-ray for Zero Dark Thirty arrived at the house to drop into that tray and press play. Part of me wants to blame the fact that the film is two and half hours long, and, well, at my age, ain’t nobody got time […]

A movie in 100 words or less: #Sharknado

Okay, so this is, admittedly, a little different that the usual approach for a A movie in a 100 words or less post, considering that by the time this guy goes up, the movie in question won’t have debuted yet.  But, still, I couldn’t help myself.  Because, see, at 9 o’clock PM Eastern tonight, the […]