A Movie In 100 Words Or Less: The LEGO Movie


Sometimes, when the days of Winter cling to your life like a determined sloth, refusing to mosey off and leave you with even a chilly, damp Spring deep into the latter weeks of March, well, you have to do something to cultivate family togetherness.  That is, you have to do something that doesn’t include the constant fear of the Apocalyptic Bickering and/or Impromptu Remodeling aka (Structural Demolition).

And yes, it snowed here today.  Again. On March 25th.  Baseball starts next week, for the love of all things with kung fu grip! I really think this sort of thing should be prohibited in the bylaws.

Ahem.  I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about snow during Daylight Savings Time. So, um, moving on…

In an effort to spend some quality time together, then, this past Sunday, the Puddinette and I declared it a kind of Family Day. The kids helped me make pancakes and goetta for a late breakfast and then we filed into the family truckster for a trip to theater to catch The LEGO Movie.

Why, yes, now that you mention it, I do have a few thoughts about the movie, believe it not. In fact, I’ve got roughly 100 words (or less) on the subject.  Therefore, without further adieu…

The LEGO Movie

For once, I’m won’t need 100 words for a movie. The LEGO Movie was worth every mortgage I had to take out to afford theater tickets for my clan of six. Every single member of the family really enjoyed it, including kids ages 5, 8, 10, and 11. Not only was our LEGO-obsessed 5 year-old transfixed (and miraculously, quiet and near motionless) for 90 minutes, in the end, I caught myself deeply affected by the movie’s central theme. If you have kids, go see it. If not, it’s worth it to borrow some street kids. I promise they won’t mind.*

So, hey, look at that. I ended up using all 100 words again anyway. Seriously, it kind of makes you wonder why I can’t just come out and write something like, “I loved it” or “Everything was awesome!” and call it a day. I mean, it’d be three words. Boom! DONE!

Of course, then you wouldn’t be thinking about street orphans and multiple mortgages, which, you know, are two things guaranteed to suck all the joy out of one’s soul.

Which makes me wonder if maybe the blog doesn’t need a new tagline. 

Be honest, “Puddintopia: Slurping Up the Joy From Your Soul, One Movie Review At A Time” is pretty darn catchy. Right?


*Puddintopia does not recommend, support, or condone the practice of borrowing street urchins, orphan or otherwise. Contrary to Dickensian literature, that’s apparently kidnapping and punishable by laser shark.  Or incarceration.