Shiny Toys and IT Monkeys

Wondering what’s up with that sweet-looking phone there?  Perhaps also wondering why I didn’t utter so much as a peep yesterday?  Answers to those questions – and much, much, more! – will be finally be revealed!

Spoiler Alert: the two are related, and not coincidentally.

The phone is a shiny, fancy HTC Evo that I procured for the Puddinette.  With a purple case, even!  She loves purple!  I finally got tired of listening to her complain about how crappy, app-short, and un-cool her previous phone was, so I scored this for her just in time for our anniversary on Sunday. 

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that this is not the iPhone 5 that she longs. And when I say, “longs for,” I mean, “dreams of in the sacred, brief moments of slumber she can snatch despite my farm-equipment-style snores.” Come to think of it, she’d probably trade me for that sleek Apple logo faster than you can say, “Google Maps.”

At any rate, sadly, this is not the optimum time to score that iPhone 5. You know, for the reasons.

That said, if the Puddinette continues to be a wonderful wife, she’ll get the hook up just as soon as her upgrade period hits next year.  Until then, she has a pretty cool toy.  Err…phone.

Of course, with said new phone arriving yesterday, my evening was pretty much shot.  As the Puddinette’s personal certified IT guy, I had no shortage of responsibilities in terms of getting it activated and set up.  Then came the transferring of contacts, configuring of email accounts, connecting it to facebook, and getting ALL TEH APPS.  Basically, I hooked up all the things she needs and a whole host of things she’ll probably never need but my particular breed of techie obsessive-compulsiveness required.

And she saw it, and thus she spoke, “It is good.”  Which is, of course, to say that she might have squeed in delight and then requested to be shown how to do all the things with it.

Afterwards, the IT monkey (FYI, that’s me) went back to making the querulous words dance.

And that’s how it got to be Tuesday.