The things running can make you do

This post will be brief, I reckon, as we’re currently attempting to survive an internet blackout here at la casa de Puddin. So, a) I’m thumbing this into my phone, which is admittedly a tad small for my, um, generous thumbs, and b) I don’t have the ability to make sure everything, including the pictures, get the class A formatting you’re used to around here.

In other words, you know, please bear with me.

Anyway, what’s any of that got to do with running? Nothing, really. I mean, the pictures do, but not the internet. Obviously those two things are about as related as a pair of Kardashians.

Oh, wait, I guess that doesn’t work here.

Getting back in track, I recently switched from running in the evenings after the kids’ bedtime to running in the morning, before anyone gets up. As you may recall, I like morning about as much as most Republicans and Democrats like each other these days. But when you’ve got four kids, some of whom don’t exactly drift innocently off to sleep the moment their head hits the pillow, nighttime is best spent, you know, not fleeing parental responsibilities out jogging.

So, as much as I loathe the AM times, I’ve nonetheless been dragging it out of bed three times a week to get my run done.

Interestingly enough, that does come with unexpected side effects. For example, the time of year has come when my kids have fundraising responsibilities. So the Puddinette asked if I’d take various and sundry order forma to work in case my coworkers might be easily suckered into parting with their hard-earned cash interested in buying something.

Obviously, it was a rhetorical request, so of course I took the stuff to work. In the past, though, I might have plopped said brochures down at the coffee station without ceremony or even comment and retreated, grumbling, to console myself with my coffee until a more respectable hour of day.

But not today. This morning, fresh off an AM run, and apparently hopped up on the endorphins, my twisted brain was compelled to leave this note:

And, yes, I giggled doing so.

It was easily my cleverest thought all day.

Mayhap this morning exercise business isn’t quite the evil I always thought.



PS: Is it wrong to pray for one’s internet to return soon? That’s totally cool, right? Right? Don’t make me beg, here.

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