Today’s Search Terms

Can’t give you more than the cursory fly-by post today, I’m afraid.  I have plans for my Friday evening that include well, this:

If that extremely (almost  too brief) description makes sense to you, maybe I’ll see you tonight.  If it doesn’t, what it means is that I’m going to a book signing tonight, at which I will try very very hard not to be “squeeful, creepy book geek  guy” (incidentally, that’s how I’ll be dressing up next Halloween*).  And, yes, I know I generally don’t do well at these things.  Sometimes you just have to go for it.

And hope it doesn’t end up in a county lockup situation.

Anyway, since I have little time to post much more today, I thought this would be a great time to share today’s top blog search phrases.  It made me giggle.  Why?  Because, well, I’ll let you figure it out:


Top searches for this website, mind you.  The. Very. Top.  And I swear to you, I didn’t mess with that at all.  It’s a straight, unedited screen shot

And yes, amusing nonsense like that is just about the best thing about having a blog, period.


*What do you mean, “you’re supposed to dress up in a ‘costume’ on Halloween”?  I’m going to be….ohhhh.  Real funny.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Search Terms

  1. That’s very cool! Thank you! I’m honored and stuff. I’ll have to come up with something extra ridiculous to post about it! 🙂


  2. I love seeing what people search for – my favorite terms from my blog’s search history are: “willy nilly polska”; “floppy disk vs hard disk” (note, my blog has nothing to do with computers); and “were does the sewer water in paris, france go”.


    1. This is wholly inappropriate, but my personal favorite search term for this blog is “skinemax”. I think I referenced the term in one post sometime last year and ever since, it’s been the number one term that brings people here every month. That includes searches for “skinemax shows”, skinemax+shows”, “skinemax on hulu plus”, “the best skinemax shows”, and derivations of those.

      Every single time I see a search like that in my list, I can’t help but smile and think of all the poor, disappointed high school boys that wanted that, but instead got this.


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