Posts from a plane: A day trip to New York City

That’s pretty much what I saw of NYC today

I suppose the title of this post is, among other things, terribly misleading.  While I did go on quite the day trip on Thursday, calling it a trip to New York City is about as accurate as saying spring is mostly here.  I mean, spring is almost here but that “almost” ignores about a month of calendar time and the fact the central US is either getting or is about to get slammed with some hot winter storm action.

Odds are good that residents of St. Louis aren’t terribly convinced at the moment that a change of season is exactly imminent.

Likewise, my trip to New York today was actually more a trip through New York.  I dragged my sorry excuse for consciousness out of bed at the ridiculous–and dark–hour of stupid o’clock this morning intent on a business trip that would see me flying to Morristown, NJ and then driving past-and-or-through New York en route to someplace called Hauppage.

Or, at least, I think. Honestly, I could have rolled through Wonderland, Neverland, and Fantasyland earlier and at this point I probably wouldn’t remember any details beyond, “uh, I think there were colors…or something?”

imageI’m looking at this right now.  Do you where I am? Because I sure don’t. Just kidding. By now I’m at home.

Clearly, this must have you thinking, Did he really go all that way and not stop in New York for so much as a hot dog, a slice, or some good-natured mocking at the hands of the locals?

Well, yes, that’s exactly what I did.

You might wonder why, in the name of all things golden brown and delicious, I’d do such a thing when there’s enough adventure and excitement to be had in the Big Apple for an imaginative fellow like myself that maidens would surely swoon and songs might one day be sung of it.

I’ll tell you why.  It’s because tonight I’ll be putting my own kids to bed and telling them goodnight in person.  Because tonight I’ll be having the Puddinette’s slow-cooked pot roast for dinner.  And because tonight, after a long day of plane flights and car rides, I’ll be sleeping in my own bed.

I’ll be back New York, someday, in the non-stop-distant future, and we’ll have some of those adventures.

But not tonight.  Tonight I’m quite happy to be home.


PS: If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend Ultimate Air Shuttle‘s public charter service.  I took two flights in one day today, and while the mere contemplation of public flight is usually enough to fill me with more dread than family picture day, I’m happy to report my experience was 100% misery free.  Oh, and no TSA, either.  Which means what I gained in time by not  dealing with a commercial airline, I lost in not getting felt up in front of an airport worth of strangers.  Seems like a fair trade to me.

One thought on “Posts from a plane: A day trip to New York City

  1. UAS sounds pretty cool!! Wish I could hire them. Staring at a little over a week til 65 and the whole braces/walker dynamic, commercial air travel seems pretty daunting at this point. If I have one regret, it’s that your Dad and I never made that UK trip (and I don’t mean the Lexington one) a reality. I could have gone with Marg when Molly was there going to vet school, but couldn’t think of doing it without the English History person that I married!


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