Search Terms II: Bride of Search Terms

Seriously, people, this is why we can’t have nice things.  On the very same day that I post that somehow this blog has become a checkpoint of sorts for online pilgrims on a quest to locate some very dark, scary corners of the world wide webs, I find that someone is at it again:


Yes, that’s an actual screenshot of yesterday’s actual search results.  Untampered with (well, copied, pasted, and cropped, obviously, but that’s it), pure and unsullied as the driven snow.  As if “family roadtrip harness” and “pudding enema” weren’t bad enough, someone just had to go search for “skinemax movies horse“.

Let that sink in for a moment.




We all know what skinemax is for, right?  What it refers to?  Yes, that’s right, skinemax means movies.  A particular kind, you know.  And someone, some normal-seeming person, is out there, maybe even at your bank (wait, does anyone actually still go to banks?), Quikee-Stop, or SuperUltraMegaMart wondering about skinemax movies that include, um, equestrian activities.

I’m disappointed with you, interwebs.  Ashamed, even. I expected better than this. Go to your room.  No searches for a week.  And I don’t ever want to see this kind of Googling again.

You’re lucky I don’t wash your web cache out with soap!


6 thoughts on “Search Terms II: Bride of Search Terms

  1. Love the “washing your web cache out with soap”. Of course, I’m so inept that my web cache is forever available for washing….lol


  2. So wrong.

    And not the point of this post, I think, but yes, people still go to banks. Not me, of course….but my hub works at one and he claims it still happens.


    1. Glad to hear people still go to them if the hubs works for one. In that case, I will hope that people continue to got to them, because it’s always good when business is good!


  3. The mystery of the day is how this post led anyone to my blog, seeing as I “liked” and left this comment AFTER seeing the link in the Referrers list on my WordPress stats page.


    1. Maybe from the “People, Places, & Things” links on my sidebar? It’s the only thing that makes sense!


      1. Ha! That might be it. Those don’t show up on the mobile version, which is what confused me.


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