Trying to end the week on a high note

beer_logo_180Before anyone gets too excited, I should mention that this post is not about the weekend shenanigans you might other associate with someone like me, who has, in the long distant past, demonstrated a general tendency to debase himself when he knows no alarm clock will be bleeping toward him at Undesirable O’Clock in the morning.  Which is to say, by “ending the week on a high note” I will not be explaining how to produce quick bathtub gin or quantifying the proper count of olives to place in a martini.

Because gin? Also, martinis? No, thank you.

I will, however, stand by my standard assertion not to fruit the damned beer under any circumstances.

Ahem. I see we’ve gotten off topic again.  You can disregard the bathtub gin.

My intention here was to address the fact that I’ve been not doing so well with the blog posts the past week or so.  And, yeah, writing a novel, kids, work, wife, nights as a masked superhero*, yadda, yadda, yadda, blah blah blah. But, you know, how long does it take to sit down and ramble out 100 words about a questionable movie or, um, bathtub gin (apparently)?


So, in an attempt to make amends and bring my substandard week of bloggery into the barn on a high note, allow me to offer you these images for your weekend viewing pleasure.

First, a frog in the rain, WITH AN UMBRELLA LEAF.  Because, right?

That’s not enough for you?  Fine.  I mean, there’s a good chance you’re either dead inside or a Federal official, but that’s okay, I’ve got a ringer. Here, then, I give you a hedgehog IN A SOMBRERO:

And if that doesn’t get your weekend rolling on the right, um, wheels, nothing will. I guess. Or something.

Hey, don’t make that face at me, or I’ll bring out the chicken in the grandpa pants. I’ll do it too, don’t tempt me!

Alright, enough silliness. Seriously, though, have a great weekend.

And don’t set the place on fire.