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I Have Only One Thing To Say Today


See that? Up there? That I circled? Yeah. Just look at all those marvelous degrees. Seriously, if you added them up, the highs would make TRIPLE DIGITS AND EVERYTHING!

A few weeks ago, you could add up the highs and not get positive numbers.

So, yeah, if that forecast there doesn’t give you a case of the happy dances, well, I fear you actually finally be dead inside. Or just dead. Or a wax statue. At any rate, you’re in a bad way. Best of luck with all that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get out my flip-flops and my sun tan lotion. The weekend looks positively balmy.


One comment on “I Have Only One Thing To Say Today

  1. Ha, ha, Andrew! Your dad said today that it was actually “balmy” outside!!!!


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