A Tangible Reminder


The Puddinette gave me the bookmark pictured above way back in the forever ago time of 2005, when we had but three (quite young) children and copious amounts of free time. Well, comparatively, I guess.  At the time we thought we never had time for anything, and cheered like fools for every moment when someone sharing our DNA wasn’t asking to have  a cup refilled or a body part wiped. That, though, was before we learned about things like Cub Scouts and soccer, and after-school chorus practice.  Nowadays it’s everything we can do to eat dinner at the same time.

Anyway, back then, my idea of becoming a writer someday wasn’t a goal so much as an occasionally voiced longing that was all talk and no do. But the thing that makes the Puddinette perfect for me is that, dreamer that I am, she somehow gets the difference between my idle daydreams and those things for which I carry a spark of real passion buried deep within. So she got this bookmark for me for Christmas, to add fuel to that passion for writing, even as it was, at the time, barely more than a pair of sticks being rubbed together in the hope of catching sparks.

It took five years for that fire to really catch, but now, the bookmark is one of the two things I keep nearby whenever it’s time to do some writing. The other, of course, is Flyboy Fred.


I suspect I’m not the only one who keeps a few totems around for inspiration. So what about you? What do you like to have on hand when it’s time to get to work?

I might be alone in having a bookmark like this one, but ten bucks says I’m not the only writer with an attachment to a LEGO minifig.