Some Days

Some days, the life of a part time writer is not so much about red carpets, adoring fans, or even pantlessness, midday whiskey, and the endless struggle to find a few perfect words to describe a simple thing with subtle elegance.

Well, okay, so life is actually never any of those things for the part time writer, except for maybe the last one. And some days not even that one is on the agenda.

Some days, instead, you spend your morning and afternoon sweating the details that come with rolling out a new project at a customer site.

Some days, a part time writer is left with roughly twenty minutes in an airport terminal to fire down a 4 PM lunch consisting of the wrong package of M&Ms while waiting for a plane to come fling him home.

Some days are actually today.

But that’s okay, because by the time anyone but that part time writer reads this, he’ll be back at home, grilling dinner for his family.

Some days turn out perfectly okay in the end.


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