The Difference Between Golf And Baking

IMG_0578.JPGMaybe last night wasn’t Thursday, my traditional cookie baking night, but since the do-over fairy let me down yesterday, I kicked customary to the curb and made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chips anyway.

As it turns out, in respectable golf (which I admittedly have little experience with), you only get to take a mulligan in certain circumstances. But if you know just a tiny, tablespoon-full of baking, you can pretty much cookie anytime.

And, let’s face it, cookies are generally a more reliable fix for your day anyway. Even when it isn’t Thursday.


3 thoughts on “The Difference Between Golf And Baking

  1. For my choco-oatmeal cookies, I put in a little more salt than the recipe calls for…makes an already addicting cookie a Schedule 1 Narcotic…


    1. Right? I give mine a healthy dose of salt on top before they go in the oven and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.


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