A Haiku For One Week of Standard Time

Lights on driving home
Day feels done before dinner.
Suck it, Standard Time

As you can see, I’m not a huge fan of the whole fall/winter Standard Time business. If you ask me, we should stick to Savings Time year round.  I’m mean, sure, it’s dark in the mornings then, but AM darkness makes me feel like I’m getting a jump on the day. Which is good, because as we all know, I actually get an early morning start about as often cats enjoy a nice, hot bath. Evening darkness, on the other hand, is sort of depressing.  Seeing headlights on the way home means it’s almost bedtime, and bedtime makes me think I’m going to miss something exciting.

[Author’s Note: I never miss anything exciting. I’m a middle aged guy with 4 kids. Excitement doesn’t even drive through my zip code]

Oh well, no use shaking my fist at the entirely too apparent 6 PM constellations.

One more quick thing before I release you for weekend shenanigans. It’s November again, which means it’s time for authors around the world to sequester themselves away from friends, family, pets, and most of their regular responsibilities (where possible), for National Novel Writing Month. I’m a fan of this nonsense, even though I never expected to be, mostly because I’ve trudged though NaNoWriMo twice now, and actually have books to show for it.

I’ve probably mentioned this before, too, but NaNo is especially well-suited for authors of Middle Grade works. Rather than just leave it at that, though, I actually went into some detail about it today, in a post over on the Middle Grade Minded blog.  So, if you’ve got any curiosity for how NaNoWriMo and MG go together just like chocolate and peanut butter—or you just like to see if I misused there, their, or they’re over there—click on over to the post and check it out.

In the meantime, I’ve got some weekending to get to, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


Have a weekend yourselves! Try not to set the place on fire.