When Life Gives You Balance, Make Cookies

This week hasn’t been all sunshine and peacock glitter, I have to admit. I got some news earlier that gave me the unhappy feeling of being simultaneously shocked, mad, and hugely disappointed. It like was that thing where your stomach gets all cold and drops to your brand new argyle socks, yet you’re so mad you want to want to throw something, too. You know, like a Winnebago.

But then we got some goods news that outweighed the not-good news and my feeling of #HollowRage faded.

So…balance. That’s what I got this week, balance. And as we all know, balance means cookies!

I mean, not they’re exclusive to balance or anything. I’m pretty sure the Great Elders of the Old People in Yesterdaytimes dictated that Things such as it being Thursday, getting a Microsoft security update, the sun rising in the east, sending out a tweet, and hey-look-I’m-growing-hair-in-funny-places are all occurrences that herald the making of cookies.

Who am I to dispute the wisdom of the Elders?

So then, here’s to having your own Elders to tell you when it’s cookie time.

And just in case you don’t, I’m ready to offer suggestions.


7 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Balance, Make Cookies

  1. When in doubt, make cookies. For lo, it is better to have cookies when it is not cookie time than to be without cookies when it is cookie time. Because cookies. Yes.

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  2. I am going to use that saying a lot in my near future. And when this hard time in my life has passed… Watch out world, I am going to throw this planet off Balance with my cookie makin skills.

    Really, I look forward to seeing in the dough “doohhh” how everything got all mixed up and sticky and ugly. Now this batter of bummer will go on vacation to the great heat beyond!!!! To cook and kill the frustrated mess. When they will be born from the oven, sterilized and in new form. The first bit will be of balance. Nom.. . Nom … Nom may everything solidify and find a new place.


  3. Aaaaaaaha! Brilliant dough u have there, u are so right, having cookies at cookie time is just that matter of balance and Boughs. Its like seeing through the eyes of the birds, and floating on butterfly wings, it feels like im everywhere.
    Be awesome makin a trade, will send your way with time out of mind. Mine, miracles. Yours?


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