Because Friday Should Include Some Nonsense

I briefly considered writing something meaningful and profound today, because, if nothing else, I am the king of meaning and profoundness.

Also, be thankful. For roughly 7 seconds, I considered using the word profundity in the sentence above. I think we can all agree, though, there was absolutely no call for any of that kind of shenanigans. I mean, we all understand perfectly well enough already that I’m sufficiently nerdy without the supercilious use of uber-geek words on a Friday evening.

Aw, crap. Supercilious. Dammit, I did it despite myself.


Long story, um, kinda short, my 10 year-old daughter will be performing in the premiere of The Lion King tonight with her theater group, and they have something crazy like three more shows this weekend. There’s a pretty good bet, then, that my weekend will be filled with theater comings-and-goings. If that wasn’t enough, Son Numero Dos has the usual archery practice and a competition tomorrow. Also, I’m apparently helping him sand down some LEGOs for a Rubik’s Cube projects – which I’m realizing now might be the most geeky sentence I’ve ever written. To balance that geekery, there will be laundry. In a household with six people, the one bedrock of daily life is a constant and never dwindling pile of laundry that needs attention.

So, what I’m getting at is that I’m definitely not going to be reaching any fundamentally profound observations today or this weekend, short of something along the lines of:


Thus, instead of meaning and wonder, I leave you with this, my pseudo-weekly non-sequitur Friday tweet. Because if you can’t post a tweet of absolutely nonsense on Friday afternoon, when can you?

// a great weekend, and try not to burn the place down.


*This does not, in any way shape or form, represent my approval of man-buns, explicit or otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Because Friday Should Include Some Nonsense

  1. If you are involved in the theater because of your daughter, you don’t need a play on words here. At my stage of life, I’ll try to act my age. Good luck this weekend.


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