Full Disclosure

So, how’s that whole “write more/complain less” thing working out for me?  Well, I will readily admit I haven’t been able to write something new Every. Single. Day. I’m eyeballs deep in a brand new work project that has me writing software like a maniac. Or a fiend, even.

Possibly even a maniac fiend!

But you know what? While no one ever told me this while I was working on my Bachelor’s in Computer Science, writing software is as much art as it is science. Having a project that demands making something new and interesting form whole cloth? Well, it’s clearly creation, every bit as much as conjuring characters and setting them free in a world that exists only in my head.

So, have I managed to write something every day so far this year? Not words, no.

But I’m feeling plenty creative nonetheless, thank you. And if you ask me, that’s good enough to call it a win.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fiddle with Google Maps so I can embed them in a webpage. In the meantime, uh, here, enjoy this picture of a festive Buddha.