Springtime, #LotsOfSocks, and World Down Syndrome Day

It was the first full day of Spring today, and also World Down Syndrome Day, which, in case, you, like me, had no idea before 7:30 this morning, carries with it the theme #LotsOfSocks. The idea is for people to wear them some crazy, colorful socks in an effort to get other people to notice, so helpfully everyone ends up talking about both socks, and Down Syndrome.

Now, I’m a little bit mad I didn’t know about this beforehand, or I would have ordered a wacky-colored, mis-matched pair specifically for the occasion. I mean, that’s kinda right up my alley. But that’s okay, I still had plenty of regular, old, wacky-colorful socks to choose from this morning in support of WDSD. I think I did okay with today’s pick, right? But don’t worry, next year I’m definitely getting an Official unmatches pair of the WDSD socks in plenty of time for March 21!