In Defense Of The Mail

After barely managing to posts last night’s epic snorer (because, no lie, I kept falling asleep as I was attempting to spit out whatever thin, half-baked context I’d come up with to make it seem as if yesterday’s socks had some thematic relevance to Life in a grander sense), I was accused — rightfully, I might add — of having started to mail it in when it it came to the nightly sock update.

In my defense, I can only say this: you’re damned right, I’ve been mailing it in on occasion!

Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to have a valid, clever, compelling note to go along with each day’s selected socks. The thing, though, is that sometimes I have no better reason for picking out a particular pair than, “Um, I think these kind of match my shirt?”.

There’s another reason, too, that each and every post of  The Daily Sock Update isn’t likely going to be a Shakespearean  classic. See, this posting  every day business? Yeah, that’s a full blown marathon. May 16 is merely the 136th day en route to  (hopefully) 365. That means this is the 136 consecutive day I’ve written a post, give or take. Hell, I didn’t even come close to do anything like that back when I still was writing posts on a fairly regular basis. And yet, we’re not even half way through 2018 just yet.

Let me say that again. Not even half way though.

Here’s the truth, then, as I see it: we got a long way to go until that ball drops on 2018, and just like any other marathoner, I’m looking to finish strong when, at last, December gets here. If that’s going to happen I’m going to have to do what actual marathon runners do, eat all the carbs.

Err, no, I meant, pace myself. So while I don’t intend to for this to subsist into the verbal equivalent of a chimp randomly typing, there’s no way I’ll survive the effort if I’m putting  myself through the Quality Work Meat Grinder of Guilt day in and day out. In other words, there are sadly going to be days like yesterday sometimes between now and New Year’s 2019.

Just be glad I haven’t yet restored to Seinfeld-esque, J. Peterman-style descriptions when it comes to The Daily Sock. You know, something…

“He perched his tired feet upon on the white oak desk, shoeless but bearing the most magnificent multi-hued stripes and dots in the Western world. They spoke of simplicity without being simple and represented depth without needless complication. They made it clear the man knew his business, without ever saying a word. $2.47 a pair, the Spring Bonanza Catalog. Available in all sizes, Ladies and Men.