The End of School Gauntlet

School is almost over for the kids for another year, and I honestly don’t know who’s happier about it, them or me and the Puddinette. Of course, when they’re off for break, my sad lump of cells gets to continue going to work every day in an effort to make enough cash to keep up with the appetites of three teenagers, who somehow become inexplicably hungrier the moment that final bell sounds.

But I digress. Even as everyone in the house is looking forward to the coming break, it seems like the hardest few days of the year are when the total remaining number in the single digits. The kids have to deal with all manner of testing, prodding, projects, evaluations, and (gods of the eternal monkey barrels bless them), the inevitable dreaded Field Day, while the wife and I have somewhere in the vicinity of 8 billion and 27 year-end events to manage between the four kids, including but not limited to, aforementioned Field Days, concerts, performances, banquets, programs, and transition/commencement/graduation type ceremonies. That assumes, of course, that the sports are complete and none of the summer ones have begun yet.

It’s not quite exhausting, but it’s definitely in the same zip code.

Complaining aside, summer break will be here soon, huzzah. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy today’s musically oriented socks, which were, not accidentally, chosen to coincide with Middle Son’s Spring Concert. Yes, we all survived it. Cross another day off the calendar and get the sunscreen ready.