Space Kitty And Kinetic Energies

Sometimes, when it’s hot, I don’t go out on the patio, until the cooler evening hours. I’m not sure waiting for it to be 84 at 11:30 PM qualifies as either evening or cooler, but here we are, with me in my astronaut cat socks, which I’ve been saving for just the right day. As it turns out, this morning took a very Monday lean and I was not in the mood for it. Hurray for the Space Cat sock pick me up.

As for me and Smoky out on the patio at not quite midnight, week, as I said yesterday, he like to wait until I’m done for the day and ready to settle in before he’s really ready to play. Case in point, here he is, in all his kinetic glory, demonstrating just exactly what to do with a full day’s worth of energy at 11:30 at night.

Anybody else fancy a quick run around the yard?