Marvin the Martian, Revisited

Obviously, I realize that Marvin the Martian already made an appearance here during Space Week. The thing is, though, he’s always been my second favorite Looney Tunes character. Not only was he from space — a fact that captivated me both as a kid and apparently an adult sock wearer — he really did seem like the only one of Bugs’ adversaries who was legitimately competent. How could you not appreciate that?

It would not be Cartoon Week, then, if I didn’t find a way to include him. Luckily, I had a second pair of Marvin socks at the ready because the Puddinette knows me on some crazy sub-cellular level. Or, well, just maybe, she texts me to ask before buying any possible duplicates.

However it happened, two Marvins is a good thing. Although maybe not for Earth.

Oh, and as for who was/is my number one favorite Looney ‘toon? I’m positively spinning to tell you. Odds are good we’ll all find out tomorrow.

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