What For You Put Taz On Feet?

Positively spinning, I said yesterday. Get it… spinning? Because, see, Taz.

The Tasmanian Devil has always been my favorite of the Looney Tunes. In fact the only two stuffed things I showed any interest in past the age of 6 was a Tasmanian Devil and a Captain Caveman I won at an amusement park in high school.

I was ecstatic, then, when the Puddinette told me she’d found a pair of socks proudly bearing Taz. And how can you not love him? At once destructive, almost totally out of control, and largely only capable of grunts and spitting (like me on a Monday), he’s still a big softee at heart.

At least, when he’s not trying to eat pompous cartoon rabbits.

Have a Taz-worthy weekend, kids, and try not to set the place on fire.

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