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And A Little Cheese To Go With That

Today’s pretzel socks continue the Food Week theme in an ankle-length format that basically screams “Weekend”.

Sorry, I somehow even managed to keep these things on my feet all day, which is definitely a bit of a marvel in itself. They were a bit snug, truth be told. See, coz when you’re trying to notch 365 pairs of socks in a year, not all of them are going to fit perfectly. This were as close as you can get to just big enough for my feet, without cutting off any circulation.

I guess I know how Cinderella feels now. But, you know, without the Fairy Godmother, the Evil Step-family, or the Prince. But that’s okay, I got pretzels and I doubt she did.

One comment on “And A Little Cheese To Go With That

  1. You need some beer cheese to go with those!!!!😉


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