Soft, Comfy, and Perfectly Charred

We grilled out for Dad’s birthday today, and although we brought out the steaks rather than burgers, I still had a delightful time working a crazy hot grill in 90 degree heat. Does that make me not quite right in the head? Maybe. But few times in life will anyone ever give you as hearty a thank you as when you produce a delicious piece of beautifully grilled meat for them.

And then you get to eat. It’s really the definition of winning.

Thus, Food Week comes to a tasty close. Can’t wait to see what kind of nonsense I break out tomorrow.

One thought on “Soft, Comfy, and Perfectly Charred

  1. Always a fun day; and all together our Summer adults are 194 years old! It’s fun to add that to our festivities, Mom and Aunt Mary would approve!!!!❤️💙💗🎂🍰🎉🎈


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