Because Sometimes 17 Won’t Do The Job

I was basically convinced this afternoon that it was going to be haiku, one after another, from here until December 31, because, no, really, I get 3 times the likes from haiku for some reason. I mean, they’re not even, like, really that good for haiku.

But I put on a pair of star-patterns this morning, and then Smoky decided to get in when it was time for a picture tonight, and, well, that was all a step too far in the cuteness meter. So I hope your enjoy today’s star-patterned socks, and of course, your semi-weekly photo of our year old puppy, because as much sense as gonna all in on the daily 5-7-5 would make around here, well, it wouldn’t always be my best work.

And you know I’m not signing up for that.