The Last Argyle?

I caught myself feeling pleased with today’s socks at some point this afternoon and realized then that the various colors and patterns of argyle have undoubtedly been among my favorites of the many different types I’ve worn these past 269 days. On the heels of that thought, though, came another, more striking one: these might just be the last pair of argyles for the year.

I’ll have to inventory the Drawer Of Holding this weekend to be sure, but, look, there are only 96 more days in 2018 and at last count I needed in the vicinity of merely 14 more pairs to finish it out. Somehow, the numbers of days remaining has been reduced to only two digits, and I’m a “reasonable person’s number of socks owned” away from having what we need to wrap this up. The idea startled me today more than I’d have thought.

Getting back to the point, though: do I have any more argyle socks in the Drawer? I truly don’t know. But if I don’t, the odds of getting any new ones in the last 14 or so pairs for the year are slim. And if not, that would make this pair the first “Last” of something as the year begins to draw to a close.

Lots more “Lasts” to come, but I’m definitely going to hope another pair of argyle shows up between now and December 31st.

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