The Law Of Conservation of Sockage

This pair of socks was going to set the tone for my entire week. The Puddinette and I joked that these Monday morning dollar signs were all about getting out there, working that hustle, and banking those sweet, sweet Benjamins. Only problem was, before gettin’ on that hustle, I had to take the ol’ family truckster in to have a leaky tire patched.

Because I’m me, though, and that’s not how things work, of course it couldn’t be patched. Thank goodness for the road hazard coverage. Covered or not, though, you can’t just get one new tire, so we had to acquire a fancy new pair. Which is to say, my morning theoretically dedicated to hustlin’ instead ended up costing me a few too many of those sweet, sweet Benjamins.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Yay, Sometimes The Socks Giveth, But So Too The Socks Taketh.