Fall Foliage And Locomotive Dreams

Being that it’s October 23rd, we’re getting our annual two weeks of autumn around these parts. I’m sure we’ll get another bout of 70-75 degrees at some point between now and Thanksgiving, after which Old Man Winter will roll in and keep us bouncing between cool, cold, and cockle-solidifying until fake spring gets here in early March.

But. Today’s socks are not about bitching about Mother Nature. Quite the opposite, actually. When I realized fall was for real, at last, it got me thinking about how the leaves would likely become an explosion of amazing Crayola beauty sometime in the next 10 days, right before changing into a land-borne hassle for fastidious suburbanite lawn managers everywhere.

Before that happens, though, I decided it’d be breathtaking to take a trip across the leafy, diciduous regions of the US via rail, giving deliberate witness to the reds and golds of the changing leaves across these purple mountains majesty and, er, fruited plains, or whatever.

No, seriously, “purple mountains majesty” is just weird. I digress.

Anyway, today’s socks are all about taking a locomotive trip across country to check out the fall foliage. Who’s with me?

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