And So It Begins

We have reached, at last, one of my two favorite weeks of the year. The other, of course, is the week of Christmas and New Year’s, during which I genuinely seem to enjoy family activities plus somehow also manage be optimistic about things.

The optimism, I reckon, has to come from my maternal grandmother, Helen, who was, among other things, a member of the Dixie Optimists. Although I have long suspected that may or may not have been little more than an excuse to meet with her friends at a diner and play cards.

Anyway, this week isn’t that week, it’s instead Halloween Week, which, for one, tickles all of my fantasy, occult, and pagan-adoring fancies. I blame my father for a that, and I doubt he’ll be even slightly offended at the call-out.

Also, Halloween week leads us into November, otherwise known in writerly circles as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. You might recall that I’ve Nano’d before, and I’m definitely going to do it again this year.

So wish me — and all the other NaNo-ers out there — good luck as we prep for the wacky upcoming journey. But until then, have a great Halloween Week!