Vote Xenomorph

When I said yesterday that there would be one notable exception to the parade of puppy socks proudly portrayed on my paws this week, I’m guessing that most of you might have figured that our one difference would likely pop up today. It is, after all, a pretty significant day, at least here in the United States.

I’ve written before about my appreciation for Election Day. In fact, I’ve pretty much written something about it every other year since way back in the black-and-white age of yesteryear, 2010, when the blog was new and I still remembered to include some actual comedy in almost every post. I’m not, then, going to opine again about how noble and sacred elections and the practice of voting are, nor how wonderful it is to have the ability to select the members of our government individually.

And, yes, I say that even knowing that more than half the time voting seems like trying to decide between having to take home a chimpanzee that appears to be smearing something suspiciously brown on the walls or a guy with slicked-back hair, an open shirt with a fly collar, and an obnoxiously too-large gold medallion nestled between chest hair that has obviously been teased to its fullest potential. Indeed, our options are often not as optimal as we’d like, but at least we have options.

I hope, then, that everyone legally able got out there and voted today, and I say that without any regard for your particular political leanings. I don’t care whether you voted red or blue, independent, or Xenomorph*, just as long as you did your civic duty.

Preferably while wearing some awesome patriotic socks.


*Don’t look at me like I need to go away and spend some time gluing corn flakes together. The Xenomorphs, as a political ideology, surely offer something every voter can get behind. They’re anti-patriarchy and decidedly pro-immigration (in fact, they’d love if you could go ahead and send all the aliens to whichever plant they’re nesting in currently), yet believe fully in individual responsibility and, I can only imagine, free markets. See? Truly the party…er, alien race…of the people.