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Vote Xenomorph

When I said yesterday that there would be one notable exception to the parade of puppy socks proudly portrayed on my paws this week, I’m guessing that most of you might have figured that our one difference would likely pop up today. It is, after all, a pretty significant day, at least here in the United […]

It’s Election Day In The U.S. of A.

Hey, Hi! So, I finished the first draft of Project Hermey late last week, and then there was Halloween and assorted other weekend activities and, well, my brain is effectively tapioca when it comes to the fabrication of words up and stringing them together. At least, that is, if I want to be putting them […]

Why I wish I wasn’t working today (not because it’s Monday) and other items of note

As is typical for a Monday, I’ve got lots of things running through my head today.  Some are thoughts informed by tidbits from the weekend past, like that final few crumbs of a morning muffin that gives just a hint of the enjoyment had previously.  Mmmm…double chocolate chip muffin. What?  Chocolate is too perfectly acceptable […]

Halleluiah, halleluiah! Praise the US Constitution!

I don’t think I can adequately express just how happy—no, elated—I am about today.  Sure, it’s Tuesday, which isn’t something to typically get all wound up over, and yes, I still had to go to work today rather than enact my plan of sitting around in a bathrobe while watching the entire Star Wars saga […]