Foxy Friday

Sorry, kids. I’m not sure what you were expecting, but in my life, “foxy” ain’t what it used to be.

This is handsome red creature on today’s pair is Foxy, the third and last of the Five Nights at Freddy’s character socks I’ve acquired over the course of the 2018. While Youngest son always seemed annoyed when I had to ask him who was on my feet each time I wore one of these pair, I could still tell that he secretly liked it, deep down, in the way of kids who are slowly becoming too old to be enamored by their parents nonsense, but haven’t gotten there yet.

In that regard, I wouldn’t mind having a few more pair of socks with characters I didn’t recognize, to be honest. Because the kids all get older day by day, eventually outgrowing most of even that occasional, secret, deep down enjoyment of parental nonsense. Especially, on days like today, when Oldest turned 16 and he wasn’t the only one hitting a significant life milestone, it’s nice to have a Foxy or something of the like to help me feel not quite so left behind.

Have a great weekend, kids, and, uh, try not to set the place on fire.